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Texas Leads Multifamily Property Weatherization Ramp-Up

By Jennifer Hill, Staff Writer, Novogradac & Company LLP
From Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits
May 2011, Volume II, Issue V

“Just doing single-family, you’ll fall well short. Several states said they were spending all their money on single-family and now they’re not getting the funding out,” said Doug Gurkin, principal at Edgewater Group, which specializes in affordable housing develop- ment and preservation. “All of a sudden states had a lot of money and it scared them,” he said….Edgewater Group Energy Solutions (EGES). To date, EGES has engaged to weatherize approximately 30,000 units nationally”

“When I go into clients’ homes after weatherization has been done, they won’t say ‘my house feels tighter,’ they’ll say ‘my house feels cozier.’ They’ll say, ‘I have a new refrigerator or air condi- tioner that doesn’t run all day long,’ ” Schetter said. “People are so appreciative of the savings. This program really does what it says it will do.”

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